Saturday, July 16, 2011

Team 4 - Covenant Community

The team from Covenant Community left this morning.  They served well and hard this week.  We pray God’s blessings on them for giving up their time  to come here and serve!  We were blessed by them - as well as by having Mike and Ashley Troxell here this week.  Mike and Ashley are currently in language school and will be joining us here in La Ceiba in December for at least two years.  They are members of Covenant, so they took a week off of school to come help us, and minister with, their church family.

Team 4 from Scottsdale, AZ  click on the link to watch a video of the week.

As we say goodbye to Covenant we are saying hello to Grace from Mobile, AL!  And, to Scott and Kathy Craig and their son Jeff who are here with us for the next several weeks to help us out with our remaining teams.

Chills, fever and coughs have been working it’s way through our family.  PLEASE pray for God to remove the sickness, protection for the rest of our family and team and for the energy to do what God has called us here to do!

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