Saturday, July 30, 2011


     Yes, it’s no secret that I (kathy) get frustrated, stressed, tired, I really need to keep going?  The past few days I have been so short-tempered with my kiddos.  Why?  Yes, they are tired and fighting and disrespectful - not listening.  But, I also had it in my head that I was going to get a week with them w/out teams before they went back to school.  That’s not going to happen and now I am pouting.
     We had/have plans to go to the islands with Scott and Kathy Craig before they leave us.  The Craigs leave on Tuesday the 9th.  We were going to head out on the ferry after the team (Rincon from AZ comes in this afternoon) next Saturday (6th); stay a few days; return on the late ferry on Monday (8th); Craigs fly out late afternoon on Tuesday.
     THEN - we discovered that I had ‘invented’ and extra week somehow.  The kids start school a week from this coming Monday!  No week off with my kids.  No summer vacation or special time with them.  I am feeling guilty as I read facebook posts of this friend doing this with their kids - going here with their kids - enjoying that with their kids.
     We have decided to go ahead and go to the islands anyway.  The kids will just miss their first day of school.  We’ll come home on the late ferry and rush to get them ready for school the next day.
     As I think about it - maybe it won’t be so bad.  We’ll have a few days together, kids go to school, John and I can have mornings/early afternoons to rest and get ready for the following two weeks of teams (without the WONDERFUL help from the Craigs)!  I guess there is always something positive to find in every situation.  And, this is why I blog - because through writing, God opens my eyes and let’s me see that His plans are ALWAYS better than our plans!

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