Friday, June 10, 2011

Tres Piedras

On Wednesday, after working a 1/2 day at La Isla, the team headed out to Armenia to spend the afternoon at the river with the Honduran kids.  Watch the short video to see all the crazy people jumping off of the large rock - and no, John unfortunately was not one climbing and jumping, but his children are following in his footsteps.  While we were all at the river John was getting the water system installed and fixing some leaks so that the team could take showers.  Basically he worked while we all played :D
Video of River Day

Thursday was our family day off and we spent some great time together celebrating Josiah’s 10th birthday (which is actually today).  The team went out to Armenia for a little bit of construction and then helped with the weekly medical clinic.

Today, Friday, we are heading down to the beach for a little while.  After dinner the team will go to Armenia to broadcast a soccer game; an avenue to develop relationships with the men in the community.

Tomorrow the team returns home and our family is headed to San Pedro Sula for Evan’s motorcross race.  Our next team arrives on June 18th.

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