Friday, June 3, 2011

Medical Clinic/Pastor’s Conference

Yesterday was a busy and emotional day for our team.   Thursday’s are our normal weekly clinic in Armenia Bonito (AB).  While John, Mike and I stayed behind to work on getting last minute necessities completed for our dorm facility. Erin, Leo, Bethany and Maddy went to AB to host clinic.  Click HERE to read an exceptionally well-written account of yesterday and the death of a dear man.

Yesterday also brought the arrival of Bill Yarborough, MTW’s director of Latin America/Africa.  He is here as a guest speaker at a 3-day conference we are hosting in AB.  With the events of yesterday, we are so thankful that God has Bill here to help us minister to the hurting people as the mourn the loss of husband/father/grandfather and friend.

Please keep us in your prayers today. As we do all final prep and finish work on the dorms. As Bill speaks tonight at the conference and Shannon and her brother lead in worship. As the rest of us try to make ourselves available for whatever God should ask us to do today.

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