Monday, June 6, 2011

Faith Pres - Team 1

Saturday brought our first team of Summer 2011 short-term mission teams.  10 individuals from Faith Pres in California arrived to spend the week ministering alongside of us.  After getting them settled in the new dorms, we brought them to our home for dinner.
On Sunday they spent most of their day here in our home either eating (or eating or eating again!), taking the Stewards of Children course, team worship, and just hanging out.  We also took them on the tour of La Ceiba as well as an evening worship service in Armenia.
Evan, Bekah and Abi helping out with team worship.  Evan’s learning rhythm and playing the ‘egg’.  

Today, Monday, brought lots of rain with it.  The team is currently in Armenia for their first day of construction and helping with ESL classes.  

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