Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gearing Up!

May has been our month for gearing up for the summer.  The kids are nearing the end of school; studying and taking exams (of which they finished on Thursday and all did great!!!).  John in the mist of getting the dorms ready for June 4th also had to take a week off and devote his time to support raising.  Kathy has been working up a food menu for the summer and other general preps for the arrival of our summer teams.  This week starts the REAL prep of buying food, finishing the dorms, moving items into the new facility (Lord willing), etc...
This week: kids are in school just 1/2 days, John is back to the dorms to get them finished, and Kathy starts buying and pre-prepping food.

PLEASE be in prayer for rain for us.  It hasn’t rained since mid March.  Armenia is totally out of water.  People have no water to bath, wash clothes or cook with.  It’s also very hot here - so pray that God will bring relief soon to our beloved Honduras!

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