Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don’t Take My Mangos!

Missionary life is definitely not always loving and giving.  I am a person just like any other and oh does my sinful, stingy, selfish nature shine when I DON’T want it to.
Yesterday there were four workers from the electric company working on the lines in front of our house.  I was in the kitchen washing the dishes. From the window I can see my beautiful mango tree that is full of almost-ready to eat mangos.  As I observe one of the workers with a pole in either hand, looking side to side as if to see if someone is watching him, I get rather curious.  He screws the poles together and I see a hook on one end.  I walk out the kitchen door just as he reaches up to start picking my mangos.
“Hey - leave my mangos alone! If you would have asked I would have been happy to give you some, but don’t rob me!”  With a huge grin on his face he lowers the pole, avoids looking at me and walks down the sidewalk until he is out of my sight.  I go to our front garage and watch him pass by still grinning from ear to ear.  Well, that just boils my blood all the more.  My lid wanted to blow when I heard the electrician who was up on the ladder singing, “Tengo hambrito” (i’m a little hungry) over and over while the other two workers just laughed.  I had to just walk back inside the house.
Poor John! He got an ear full when he got home :D.  I was just a fussin’. He’s such a great man (and he’s going to be TOTALLY embarrassed by my writing this), always taking the griping from me that really is directed toward others.  He always has been such an earthly example to me of Christ and his unwavering, always and forever love.  Christ bore all - takes all on himself. All the yelling and griping we deserve from ‘robbing' from others (for our sin), he takes it all! I am so thankful that he takes my sin, my anger so that I can stand before the Father in HIS righteousness.  It feels so great to be clothed by Him!
So, I repented. I am sorry I yelled at the man who tried to steal my mangos and then laughed at me when I yelled at him.  If he comes back I’ll go pick one myself and give it to him....maybe!

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