Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

Monday afternoon while the Kathy and the kids were watching Swiss Family Robinson, John was out on our patio trying to get the roof finished before our mission team shows up on Saturday. Evan went to the kitchen for some food and returned screaming “Daddy fell! Daddy fell!”  Running into the kitchen Kathy found John with blood running down his face and doubled over. Straight to the van, Straight to the ER.  After an hour or so we were done and headed back home where John removed the bandage so Kathy could look at the stitches. This is what we found.

Not looking so good, huh?

After posting pics for Erin to take a look, as well as consulting with Dr. Greg (who was just here from Trinity Pres in Harrisburg, PA for a week of medical clinics), we decided a second trip to a DIFFERENT ER was needed.
A little better wouldn’t you say?

The next day we took John for a CT scan.  Praise God no fractures.  The man was on a ladder that went forward while he feel backward, his head and neck hitting first.  It could have been a lot worse than 10 stitches.  He does have a mild concussion and has been ordered to NO WORK for at least week.  Dr. Greg would prefer 2 weeks.  But, if we can keep him from lifting a hammer (or a climbing on a roof to weld) until next Monday then we’ll be doing good!

Please pray for a quick physical recovery.  We have a short term team arriving on Saturday and John is needed to guide them in the construction.  Please pray for him to ‘rest mentally’ and not get aggravated that he can’t work. Please pray for him to rest knowing that God is in control!


  1. So glad he is "okay." That picture isn't very comforting. Yikes!

    Thanks so much for skyping with my bride this past week. It made the class's week!

  2. Seth - we loved chatting with your wife and her students! Please tell her we are glad to do it anytime. John’s head is looking much better and he should get his stitches out tomorrow or Tuesday morning. Mike and Erin are flying in tomorrow so we are going to let Erin have the privilege of removing them!