Monday, February 21, 2011

First Work Day for Ray, Jose and Matt

The three gentlemen from Manor Pres in PA got A LOT of work accomplished today!

The plan was to head out to Armenia Bonito (AB) for a full day of construction work. But we all know the most important word in missions....FLEXIBILITY! 
There was a teacher strike today and the road out to AB was blocked off.  John did a U-Turn and headed to the La Isla (LI) property for some fun concrete work.

No concrete trucks....just shovels...

... and buckets...

on a side note: who votes that the mango needs a tree house? 
check ____ yes   or   _____no

Back on track.  After a few hours in LI the guys loaded up and headed out to AB.  They used the 20 minute ride as their lunch break.  As soon as they arrived they were ready to dig a trench and put in the foundation for a wall.

All in a days work!

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