Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebration of 1 year of work

Today was day 3 for Ray, Jose and Matt. They worked hard in Armenia Bonito building a retaining wall to help direct flood waters away from the school building.

John is still adhering to Dr’s orders to take it easy.

At noon the Honduran workers went home to clean up and get their families.  They returned to the project at one for a celebration of 1 year of working. It is very rare for these gentlemen to have steady work.  A day, a week there, maybe a month or two.  In February of 2010 work started in Armenia Bonito. In February 2011 we celebrate that our workers have had steady work for 12 months!

Mike saying a few words of thanks for all their incredibly hard work.

The wives, mothers, kids listen with pride to their men getting thanked and praised.

Then John took all the men aside and gave them a bonus - we are so thankful to God for supplying the money through donations made to the AB project so that these men can have steady work, and even a little extra this week!

Of course, what party is complete without pizza?

There are no pics to show - but after the pizza was consumed - a friendly soccer game between the Hondurans and Gringos took place on the ‘almost’ completed soccer field.  Hondurans won!

Last but not least - Matt, Jose and Ray helped out with the weekly English classes that our intern Bethany has taken over teaching.

All in a Honduras day!

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