Monday, January 31, 2011

Scholarship Shopping

Plans had been made to go shopping last Friday with our 5 scholarship students and one parent/guardian.  With all the health issues from last week those plans were put off until today.  By the time we got all 5 students and parents together at the designated meeting place (this took just under an hour to accomplish) we headed out to the first store.  That one store turned into a dozen stores before the day ended.  But, we have most everything they need.  From skirts to shirts to pants to shoes to socks....we even got belts for the boys and backpacks for all!
And of course, what kind of shopping day would it be with out eating out.  A stop at Pizza Hut for a feast.  The students have been on several outings with us so they were not as blown away by the enormity of the food we ordered.  Mozzarella bread, hot wings, pizza and dessert.  One thing we have noticed when we take the kids out is that they rarely eat all of their food (even if it is just a hamburger and french fries).  They always make sure they take some home to other siblings or parents whom they live with.  Today was no exception.  After eating all five families were given a to-go box to load up on left over pizza.
We are sad to report that a camera was not taken during our outing ):  The day provided so many good-missed shots!  Tomorrow a group photo of our 5 students has been arranged, so check back in a few days to see the smiling faces of our scholarship students.

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