Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 5 Medical Clinic

     Day 5 was the last clinic for Dr Greg and Pastor Dave. Day 4’s clinic was brought to a short end due to weather.  We anticipated that Day 5 would end much the same.  Our plans: a quick trip out to Armenia to follow up with a few patients before coming back into La Ceiba for a quiet afternoon.  God had other plans!

     One boy was in a tree with a machete.  A slip of the hand and Dr Greg was needed to put in 7 stitches.

     Before the day ended 34 patients were seen and treated before coming to an end.  From the common cold to a 9 year old girl that needed to be treated for STD’s (please pray for this precious girl as we follow up with her - for God’s wisdom for us to know what to do).
     The final patient was a home visit way up the muddy wet mountain (please pray for God to provide us with a 4x4 - the van was a little shaky driving up).  The patient had arrived at the clinic on Tuesday with a very nasty abscess in her leg.  Dr Greg was very worried about her and didn’t want to leave until he was sure she was doing better.  He was happy, as were we, to see that she was so much better and on her way to recovery.
     We are also happy to report that one of the teenagers in Armenia made a profession of faith!  Please pray for Leo as he follows up and begins to disciple.

     Thank you for your prayers for us this week.  In all Dr Greg treated 150 patients (not including the missionaries). As we are so grateful for all the physical needs that we are met, we are overjoyed as we rejoice in the two souls who came to know Jesus this week.

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful ministry opportunity! May the Lord be praised! Press on!