Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4 Medical Clinic

Today it REALLY started raining.  So much that we had to shut clinic down early.  The building in which we are currently hosting clinics has a concrete floor, brick walls  and a tin roof with some holes in it.  Makes for a difficult time to hear.  Especially when the waiting room, triage, examining room and pharmacy are all in the same room! Today we saw 16 patients in Armenia and then all the Clows and interns were treated to a doctor visit on the Clow’s back porch :D

One of my favorite parts of clinic has been watching Dr Greg and Pastor Dave pray for each patient.  Here Greg is praying for Bety and her daughter Graci.  Bety was notified that her brother in Houston may have been killed .  We are currently trying to find information out for her.  Please pray that God will lead us to the right people who can provide us with information.  Please pray for Bety as she is in this time of not knowing.  Bety helps us out with our clinics and Graci is one of the newest scholarship student recipients.

It really was cold enough today for jackets!  Well...not so much cold as rainy and windy.  But when your use to high 80’s and sun.  Low 70’s and cloudy calls for long sleeves.

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