Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 Medical Clinic

Dr. Greg has been so instrumental in the lives of the people of Armenia Bonito.  We are so grateful for his service and ministry this week. 
Leo, our intern, has taken over running the pharmacy.  He is doing a great job along with Carlos and Adan, his two sweet helpers (they would be so mad if they knew I wrote that they were ‘sweet’).

Jamie has served twice here in Honduras.  Her first time was for a year and then last summer for 10 weeks.  She joined us this time for about 2 weeks.  We are thankful for her willingness to give up her winter break to spend time with us and the kids in Armenia. 

Bethany, an intern, has been doing a great job with in-take and triage.  In the picture above she is being helped by Angie who just graduated from nursing school.  Angie lives in Armenia and it is a beautiful thing to see her serving and helping her people!

Thank you all for your prayers for us this week!

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