Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 2 Medical Clinic

The Reason For It All
Pastor Dave was given the privilege of leading Jose to Jesus!  Jose and his family (wife and kids are sitting in the back right side) came to day 2 of our clinics hoping to get physical healing.  Jose also received spiritual healing!  Jose lives/works in the Caiman Islands and is home visiting his family for a short time.  His English is very good and Dave was able to present the gospel to him in a way that he understood.  After praying to receive Christ, he was given a Bible and promised Dave he would read it.  
Please pray for God to raise up a godly man who can disciple Jose.  
Pray for God to raise up Jose to become the spiritual leader of his family.  

 Eric returned with the x-rays of his arm.  Dr Greg improvised in order to read them!  

Last August Dr Greg performed an ultra sound, providing assurance to the mother that her baby was alive and healthy. Dr Greg predicated the baby would be born on 1/8/11
On 1/9/11 a healthy baby girl arrived.  Dr. Greg got to hold the two-day old infant whom he had seen via ultrasound the last time he was in Honduras.

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