Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1 of Our First Medical Team of 2011

Dr. Greg has come to Honduras a few times already to help us out. We are excited, thankful and blessed that he has returned again to serve the people of Armenia Bonito with his gifts and talents.  We are also thankful for Pastor Dave traveling with him.  He was extremely helpful as he prayed with the patients, made pipe cleaner crosses with the kids, handed out toothbrushes, and so much more.  

We were very blessed to have Melanie, a senior from the school that the Clow kids go to.  She was incredible as she worked side by side with Greg and translated for 32 patients. 

The above is a picture of Eric.  He is the welder who works for John on our construction projects.  Two weeks ago he was in a horrible car accident where he lost a best friend and his cousin.  He is responsible for saving the life of a little girl who was in the car with them.  In the accident he hurt his left arm and ribs.  Greg was able to examine him and confirm he needed to keep his appointment with an orthopedic doctor.  That appointment is tomorrow after which he will bring the x-rays for Greg to look at.  Surgery is more than not going to be needed. Please continue to pray for Eric.  

Tomorrow we will hold another clinic.  We greatly thank you for your prayers for God to renew our strength and provide the care for the people of Armenia Bonito, Honduras.

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