Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling Behind

It seems as if so much has happened since my last blog post.  We helped our team mates with a party for the kids who participated in a series on The Ten Commandments; SUPER busy with Science Fair projects; we welcomed another intern, Leo; kids were in a talent show (Abi and Bek won 1st place!!!); we hosted Thanksgiving dinner;  we received the sad news of the death of John’s brother-in-law (day after Thanksgiving).

John flew out on Sunday the 28th (Kathy’s birthday as well as John’s sister’s birthday - not exactly a happy occasion this year) to spend a week with his family in TX - he will fly back on this coming Sunday.

Kathy and the kids have been busy with living life here in Honduras, homework, the usual.....  We are missing John, but are doing fine.  We so appreciate our team helping us out, checking in on us......

Today a Honduran pastor from the other side of the country arrived here in La Ceiba.  Tomorrow starts a three day pastors conference in our ministry village of Armenia Bonito.

For some reason my December newsletter is not wanting to post - but this month was a paper mail-out.  So, if you are on our MTW list you should be receiving one in the mail.  If you are not on our list, hopefully I can get the thing to post soon!

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