Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quiet Day

Quiet days rarely happen in my world.  I venture to guess that they rarely happen in your worlds either.  Today, God knew I needed a day to just sit.  A day when I didn’t have a lesson to plan, a party to plan, a husband asking for my help to do something, kids screaming and fighting to be first in line to get mom’s attention (well...that’ll come at 2:30). Last week was awesome, but crazy.  I loved having the kids from Armenia over on Saturday, loved having the medical clinic on Friday, loved teaching English on Thursday, LOVED that my girls turned 11 and I got to spoil them on both Tuesday and Wednesday!  But the week ended with my being worn out and sick....yes sick! That dreaded stupid cough returned to our house.  Abi started with the cough on Tuesday, Bekah’s been a little stuffy, and mine started Saturday.  By Sunday I couldn’t breath  and felt horrible.

Yesterday all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed, but that didn’t happen - too much to do!  Team meeting, followed by a stop at the school where our Armenia scholarship students attended and then out to Armenia with John.  Then back just in time to get the kids from school and start homework, dinner and getting the kids ready for school the next day and IN BED!

God is good and I slept restfully last night.  Not waking up in coughing fits and feeling rested when I got up this morning.  My chores for the day are done and no one is home!  I am cuddled up on the couch, writing and listening to a new album I just downloaded Audrey Assad.

I have been wanting to get the girls hooked more on the new young Christian artist instead of the Disney young pop stars....  I have been really convicted lately that what goes in their eyes and ears builds their character, actions, etc... So, instead of letting them fill their mind with who’s dating who, who likes who, who is cute, who is not...etc... I want to fill their mind with God!  Oh to have my two precious girls be so in love with God that it shines in everything they say and do.

Ok - so I am just rambling now - so I’ll shut up - I am proud of you if you made it this far.  Must mean that you too are having a quiet day with nothing else to do!

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