Friday, November 12, 2010

Medical Clinic

Today we hosted a medical clinic.  It’s the first one since the Pettengills have been gone.  With the help of a local doctor we were able to see 31 patients.  Nothing real serious, mostly just the common cold.  We did have two pregnant women who came to get checked.  All good!  
I was mostly excited to see ‘my’ sweet Samuel - it’s been several weeks since I have seen him. He followed me around all morning calling me ‘Mama’ and giving me lots of hugs and kisses. And, of course, the hugs and kisses  were returned right back.  

So, while I was off playing, John and Sean were actually working.....

and so was our new intern, Bethany

and of course, the dr.

but the cows....

we had to turn them away - no time to see them.

ok - so I guess you should that I did do some work today

But mostly I just played with the kids!

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  1. I think you had the best job of playing with the kids.

    Louanne in Ft Worth