Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Abigail and Rebekah

November 10, 1999 changed our lives forever!

Abigail Ruth joined this world at 3:52pm.  Her name means ‘My Father’s joy' and she is truly her daddy’s delight (and her mama’s too).  Our prayer for her is that she will grow to be her Heavenly Father’s joy above all.

Waiting two and a half hours later to join her sister........

Rebekah Ami was born (with MUCH celebration) at 6:25pm.  Rebekah means ‘entices with her beauty’ and Ami ‘a bond-servant’.    Our beautiful girl truly has a servant’s heart.  Our prayer for her is that she will grow to be a servant of the King!

Today I am missing all our photos that are packed away back in TX.  I did pull out a few at the last minute and brought with us to Honduras (which is why I was able to scan these in to show you how big our girls have gotten).  This next picture is not on their birthday, but right around the same time!

Such big girls they have become!

WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS, Abi and Bek. Thank you for making us a Daddy and Mommy.  
Happy Birthday Baby Girls!