Friday, October 1, 2010

Definitly NOT Our Plan

Yesterday the kiddos went off to school.  I started prepping for ESL that I would teach that afternoon in Armenia.  Next Lindsey and I prepped for the medical clinic for today.  Then I went back to the house to finish ESL prep and pack up.  Drove to the school @ 2:30 to pick Evan up - the rain started.  Had  a feeling I should just get the other three and take them with me (they have been staying after school every day for Spanish tutoring, taking the bus they are usually home by 4:30).  Went by the McCanns to pick up Sean and Lucy so they could go to Armenia with us - helping with ESL and handing out flyers about todays medical clinic - the rain got worse.
By the time we got out of town and to the dirt road leading out to the village the rain was a storm and the dirt road was a river.  We made the call to just turn around and head back home. The water in the streets was so high in some places that it was waist-deep on people walking. Sean got Evan and I home w/ out too much trouble.  The kids had to wait at the school for over an hour after tutoring ended and then another hour on the bus to get home - close to 6 they walked in the door cold, wet and so so so hungry.  John ended up braving the dirt road river to get our workers back to their homes - he got home just after 6.  The rain poured for hours - our yard became a lake.
Sometime during the night it stopped.  The kids dressed for school and we got ready for medical clinic.  Then school got canceled so we left the kids here with Lindsey while we left for Armenia.  Sean called - clinic canceled.  We are in Red Alert because we are suppose to get more heavy rains today and tomorrow - worse than last night.  Right now, just clouds - we'll see if the rain returns.
I laugh because last week we had tropical storm/hurricane warnings.  We ended up having rain, but no winds and nothing that caused major flooding.  Last night was totally unexpected and caught quite a few people by surprise - ourselves included. 
I laugh because of all the prep work thinking we would be teaching ESL, hosting medical clinic, etc.... Nope - none of that happened.  Just goes to show - we can do all the planning and prepping we want, but when God wants to send rain.....He sends rain. 

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