Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lack of correspondance

the lack of blogging is no indication of lack of 'buisniness' in our home.  We have been helping the McCanns on Tuesday afternoon with Kids Club and in turn they have been helping us out with English on Thursdays.  Construction is well under way at both locations which is keeping Mr Clow VERY busy!  This Friday we are hoping to add a Medical Clinic to the mix.  We should know tomorrow if the Dr. will be back in town from the capital.  I let you know tomorrow if it's a go so that you can be praying. 

The kids have been super busy this week with Spanish tutoring every afternoon (all except Evan).  Evan and Kathy have been getting an hour or so of sweet one on one time.  The other three arrive home from school around 4:45.  Please say a pray for Bek and her school work.  That child is just like her mama and LOVES to talk - but, it's effecting her grades.  Please pray that we as parents will know how to 'kindly' motivate her!

Thanks for your prayers! 

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