Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feeling a Little Lost

So my computer had to go back to the states.  John and I are sharing an old laptop, cause his is also in the states.  Don't get me wrong, I am SO THANKFUL that we have a computer to use - and even more blessed that we are able to each have our own.  It's just that I miss my Mac ):  I got use to the way it worked and now using Dell again seems really strange...hahaha!  Ok, really I am just trying to justify why I have slacked up on blogging and posting pictures lately.  Really it's just that I have been lazy, but only in blogging....hey, there's my justification - I've been too BUSY...not lazy... to blog!  Yea - that's it -- way too busy!!!

On Tuesday's we have been helping the McCanns with Kids Club and on Thursday's they help us out with ESL.  John has been super busy with all our Honduran workers and the construction projectS....yes 2 projects!  Officially TODAY papers got signed and the La Ceiba property is now ours!!!  We still need to get building permits, but there is clean up to do and tenenets to evict (be watching for a post and pictures about the current little's sure to be a good one!).  LORD willing, we will have permits in hand soon!

Yesterday was Dia del Nino.  The McCans and John and I went to Armenia to play games, sing songs, read a book and most importantly (to the kids) pass out hotdogs and gift bags! Then we headed back to the city to pick up the Clow kids, who by the way were on a MAJOR sugar high from all the candy they had been eating from their class parties.  Like they need any help in making them MORE active. 

Maybe the next post I'll have some pictures to share :-)

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