Friday, September 17, 2010

Evicting the Tenents

The purchase of the La Isla Property (our downtown location that will hold our dorm facility in addition to other facilities) was finalized on Saturday!  That same day John, the kids and I took a drive over to indtroduce the kids to the tenents who were currently living there -- BIG, HUG, LEAF-CARRYING ANTS!
Those things were monsterous - I mean really.  Of course, as usual, we didn't have the camera with us.  John did have a bag of posion which he put in a few of the ant holes before he ran out. Yes - he RAN OUT.  If you look at the picture above, anywhere you see brown, is nothing but an ant mound.  And, it extends out of the picture.  On Wednesday, John took some of the Armenia men to the property with more posion. But, the ants heeded their eviction notice and were gone. We were all shocked - they couldn't find one ant!  They spread some more posion anyway. On Monday they start the clean-up process and John starts the 'hoping-to-receive-permit-papers' process.  Please pray that we get these permits quickly so that we can begin building dorms!!!!

Update on the Armenia Property:
GOD BLESSED US WITH OVER 50K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise you Father for your faithfulness! 
We know can keep our workers busy busy busy.  The guard shack on the property is now finished and functioning.  A BUNCH of sacks of concrete got delivered yesterday and is resting peacefully and safely locked up in the guard shack. 

Please continue to pray for God to continue to provide for both properties so that the work here in Honduras can continue - all for the glory of the ONE who wants His Gospel to spread to all nations.

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