Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning

The team will be putting a roof on Maria’s house - BTW, Maria had a baby girl on Saturday.  I was hoping she wouldn’t have it until the team got here (since this is a heavily medical focused team).  Wouldn’t that have made a great blog post: Team Puts Roof on a Mother’s House and Delivers Her Baby!  LOL. However, she did remove sweat from a team members forehead and then made a cross on the baby’s forehead...??? Not sure I’ve ever heard of that one before??? Anyway, we are very thankful that the baby is here and both mom and daughter are healthy.  We are thankful that this week the baby (and the rest of the family) will have a new home to live in.
The team also starts their first clinic today.  This week we are providing three days of clinics to the people in the village, in addition to all our other events.  Gonna by a busy - yet GREAT - week!

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