Friday, August 6, 2010

Final Team

Team number 9 for the summer arrives tomorrow night.  We were suppose to have had a tenth team, but they had to cancel.  We have had a week off and are now rested and ready to give our all for the last week of summer work teams.

Maria is a single mother.  As you can see, she is ready to give birth any day now.  Her home is our final project of the summer.  The team this week will be working on putting the roof on her home. Please pray for Maria and for the team as they minister the Gospel to her and her family through their deeds.

A few more prayer request, if you don’t mind....:D

***Please be in prayer this week for us and our work team.  It is actually a medical team, so we will be having 3 days of clinics instead of just one.  We will also continue with construction, English, and Kids Club.  It’s going to be a busy week!
***The boys and Bek have a nasty cough that is keeping John and I awake at night - they seem to sleep right through it and wake up rested??? Please pray that God would heal their coughs and give John and I some much needed rest!
***Please be in prayer for wisdom and direction as we search for a vehicle. God has graciously provided the money (which was received by our bank today!) so we are seriously starting ‘the search’.

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