Friday, August 27, 2010

Ending the Break

Here's an attempt at playin catch up since the 15th of August:

1. Our last team of the summer ended and we had a restful weekend, thinking that we would have a week to get the kids ready for school to start on the 23rd of August. Long story made very short, we discovered on the 15th at 4 in the afternoon that school was starting at 7:20 the following morning! So, the kids have now been in school for two weeks - they are LOVING it and so are we. We are very proud of Abigail, who was voted as class president yesterday. Equally proud of Bekah who won 3rd place in a drawing competition and was voted as 'prettiest girl' in her class and voted to be 'Indian Girl' in a special celebration of Honduran Independence. And we can't forget the boys. Josiah was chosen first day of school to represent his class in a spelling bee (of which we think is at least city wide - maybe country??? correct information can be a little hard to come by here in our beloved host country). And last but not least, Evan. Our last first grader is doing fabulous! His "I don't know how to read" has turned into reading quite rapidly, aceing spelling test and becoming ever so independent (as if he wasn't already). So, that's it for the kiddos...

2. John is excited to be out working on the property in our ministry village of Armenia Bonito. Please please please watch the following video to get a better idea of what John is doing.

3. Kathy is enjoying the much need quiet respite of being all alone in the home....LOL!  Actually, she has been using her time to get back to getting the house set up and getting the family settled into Honduan life.  She as well as all four kids and now John are nursing a nasty cough...please pray that our family will get back to great health - SOON!  As far as ministry, Kathy is taking over the scholorship program, so she will be managing the current 3 scholorship students as well working at identifying 2 more candadiets to add for next school year as well as increasing sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring a scholorship student for next school year, please contact us for more information.  And....Kathy and the girls will be taking over teaching ESL out in the village one day a week. 

We are going to leave this post as it is already a lot longer than it should be.  Be looking for pictures soon!

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