Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Did the Week Go?

I realized as I sat down to write this post that the last time I posted was the first work day for the team.  Tomorrow will be the last work day for the team....this week has gone by FAST!  So...what has the team been doing? I posted about Monday already.  Yesterday was more construction in the am followed by playing with the kids in Armenia as well as hosting a Kids Club.  Today was a ‘special’ day.  There was a little work in the am and then construction was cut short.  We loaded up a bus full of 60 kids and drove them out to the beach for a kids day out, complete with an incredible lunch from a small local restaurant right on the beach.  The looks on the kids faces as the food was put before them...priceless! It may sound like torture to take 60+ kids to a beach.  However, they were AWESOME! The kids all listened and were full of nothing but laughter and fun...and we didn’t have one accident and all 60 were taken back to Armenia Bonito safe and sound...LOL!

Tomorrow is more construction, another Kids Club and Medical Clinic. The team is going out with a bang.

Thanks for all your prayers for us this week, it has been great!

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