Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waste of Time....or Was It?

Yesterday I got a call that one of our scholarship students couldn’t return to class until I went and talked to his teacher.  In his words to Mike - “I have no idea what for.”  Yeah right!  We rearranged cars and kids so that I could go to the school at 7 this morning and talk with the school counselor and teacher.  Well.....
First - I have decided that I MUST go back to language school...LOL! Second - there was no problem.  He was doing fine. The teacher was just worried that he had missed a lot of school because he was sick and she wanted to talk to his dad and make sure everything was ok.  And....she had already spoken to his dad 10 minutes before I showed up.  So, yesterday when Mike told George to "meet Kathy at the school at 7:15am” -- not sure how that translated to “take your dad to school and don’t bother to tell Kathy that you don’t need her to talk to your counselor.”  OH MY!
So, I walked up to the road to wait under the shade of a tree for our team van to pick me us as they passed by on their way out to the Armenia.  Standing by the tree was a man, I stood quietly on the other side of the tree.  Then he starts asking questions: “Where you going? Were you at the school? What student were you at the school for?”  Turns out it was George’s father!  It turned into a short time for me to get to know and speak with him about his son.  Two and a half years ago George’s mother was killed in a car accident.  I was able to share with the dad that I had lost my father to an accident when I was a kid and I understood a little of what George was going through.  That God knows and understand all of what George goes through.  We may not (nor ever) understand the path that God asks us to walk.  We may not grasp how our hurts and difficulties can be turned into good - can be all for God’s glory. But, God is in control and we reset knowing that He knows and sees all!  

So - was my time wasted this morning? I hope not! 

On another note: The team was busy yesterday.  They spent the morning on construction of a home for a single mom and her 6 kids as well as the guard shack on our property.  Then in the afternoon they helped with English class.  Abi spent the day with her daddy and the team out in Armenia.  Below is a picture of her practicing English with one of the girls.


  1. TOO FUNNY!!!!!! That is just crazy! I guess we need to get you out to the families of the scholarship kids! Hadn't realized you hadn't met them yet! But what a great opportunity indeed!

  2. that picture makes me happy. i can't wait to get down there!