Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team 4 - Finally a Picture

Our 4th Team from Mobile, AL
Finally a picture! With the crazy start to the week, I have been unable to get some photos of this team (I stole this one from our The Pettengill’s blog).  The team has now had two full ministry days.  Yesterday not only included construction, but also a medical clinic.  Today they will continue with some construction, host another medical clinic and take a river trip with the kids in Armenia Bonito.  This will be their last day of ministry.  I honestly can’t think of a better way to end it than spending the afternoon loving on and giving attention to about 40 kids who get very little healthy affection.  Lord, bless our time this afternoon!
The four Little Clows and Mama Clow are heading to the river to join them!  The last river trip I, aka Mama Clow, had 4 Honduran kids and Abigail hanging all over me in a war that sounded like this:
“Mi mama!” 
“No, mi mama!”
“No, mi mama!”
I don’t think I need to translate.  I love it and can’t wait to go be ‘mama’ to about 40 kids this afternoon - the kids can’t wait to play with 40 more ‘siblings’.

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