Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clow Day Off.....Teams Last Day of Work

Today was our family day off.  It was filled with construction men coming and going getting our kitchen finished (well...trying too...there is still some left...), and then we had a guy come and measure for window screens (we have 5 windows missing screens), and don’t forget the electricity company!

Yesterday at 1 pm yesterday our electricity decided that it didn’t want to give us full power.  In girl-talk terms -- MY STOVE DIDN’T WORK AND I HAD 20+ PEOPLE TO FEED!  I’ll keep it short and just tell you the end result was taking the food over to our team mates to finish cooking. It’s all about FLEXIBILITY!

So...we woke up this am and still not full power so we called the electric company and low and behold they had someone at our door within two hours!  Powers back to par and we are up and running.  So after all the people kept coming and going from our home we loaded up the kids in a taxi and went to see the 3pm showing of Toy Story 3 - except that it wasn’t showing until 5.  So we went and hung out at Wendy’s for and hour and a half.  Back at 4:30 to buy tickets....except that it wasn’t playing at 5 (even though the sign said it was and the man we spoke to at 3 said it was) -- it was playing at the theater across the street - and by the way...there was a 3pm showing - across the street that is!

We would have gotten more rest had we worked with the team today! They continued construction as well as hosted a medical clinic - great day! Tomorrow will be the team’s last day, their day off.  We will be hanging out with them while they enjoy our beautiful country of Honduras!

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  1. Hey girl - sounds like your Toy Story experience was a little like mine, except we had to wait until the 7pm showing! Crazy! Glad your construction is almost done and hope that your day at Cayos goes great!