Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday in Armenia

Abi and Oneida have become fast friends!  Yesterday Abigail and Rebekah spent the entire day out in Armenia doing construction with the team in the am and playing in the afternoon with the kids.  Abi went with Oneida to her house for a few minutes. "Mom, they only have one double bed and one twin bed. They only have two rooms in their house and they have to cook over a real fire because they don't have a stove. I want to bring Oneida and her sister and brother to live with us."  Oh how I pray her heart always stays so tender to the needs of others!

In the afternoon the boys and I joined the team out in Armenia for Kids Club.  Evan made quick friends with Oneida's brother, Samuel.  Let me just tell you - these two boys make a pair! WATCH OUT ARMENIA!

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