Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Team 3 Jumps Right In

Our third team arrived on Sunday evening.  Not 30 seconds after arriving at the Pettengill's home, the lights went out.  SO GLAD that dinner was all ready. We ate and had orientation by candlelight.  The power was out of over three hours - we are very thankful that it came back on so that we were all able to sleep with fans!
No time for this team to adjust - they were up bright and early and ready to work. On Monday they worked on Angelina's home (the single mother in Armenia) and then helped with English Camp in the afternoon - all centered on soccer/World Cup theme.
Today, Tuesday, the team is doing more construction and then leading soccer drills in the afternoon.  Tomorrow morning, also John's birthday, the team will head out to Armenia at 4:30 am!  The 1st Honduran World Cup game in 28 years at 5:30.  We are setting up a huge screen in the "town hall" to broadcast the game. For some, it will be the first time ever that they have seen Honduras play.  It will be an emotional day for all Hondurans -- GO HONDURAS!

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