Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On June 10th at 2:25, just 19 months to the day of his sisters being born, we welcomed Josiah Asher to our family.  After the birth of the twins the Doctor told us we would always have trouble getting pregnant. To our great delight, we were surprised just 10 months later with the knowledge of baby #3.  5 days later we were told that we had miscarried him.  We were devastated! Just two days later we were called back in for another ultra sound - our Siah boy was a perfectly developed 5 week old with a beating heart!  The Dr told us, "I don't know what to say.  The ultrasound 2 days ago showed NOTHING in your uterus. There was no baby there."  Our response - "Lots of people were praying!"

Josiah means "healed by God" and Asher means "happy" - we could not be more happy for the miracle that God gave us when he healed our boy.  God has moved His mighty healing hand many times in our boys life.  At 8 months old he had his first hospital stay for croup.  We can't even list how many ER visits he has had or the amount of shots and breathing treatments.  And NEVER will be forgotten the call from John at 5 am that our 3 year old son was being moved to ICU because he couldn't breath.  

God has been so faithful in the 9 years of our sons life.  We pray that our son grows up to be a Godly man, who serves Him whole heartily. We pray that He has a heart like David and wisdom like Solomon.  We pray that he is as devoted to God as Abraham and Moses.  That he will stand like Noah in the face of criticism.

Josiah Asher - we love you more than you will ever know! Happy Birthday our sweet sweet son!

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