Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Week Team 2!

On Saturday, June 5th we welcomed a team from Kathy's home state of GA. On Sunday we put them through a Wild-Welcome-to-Honduras-Day complete with a big breakfast, prevention of child sexual abuse training, a tour of the city, Gringo Church, dinner and Honduran Church.

On Monday the team work in the morning on construction of a home for a single mom and her kids.  They continued on the work that was started by our team last week.  In the afternoon they participated in our weekly English Camp. Before scarfing down a dinner of traditional beans and rice, some of the team went to a local indoor soccer rink and played a friendly yet competitive game!

On Tuesday AM the team continued work on the house as well as doing some work on our property. In the PM they hosted the weekly kids club.  Evan went out with his Daddy on Tuesday and had a BLAST running around in trenches with some of the Honduran boys and playing in piles of sand! First photo is Evan and his playmate; the second photo is of Mike (our team leader), Santos (1st in command), Fabian (2nd in command) and John.  John is LOVING getting dirty again and using his construction skills and working with the nationals.  We are looking forward to see how God builds his relationships with the Honduran workers and how God will show Himself and His glory in their lives!

Tuesday Kids Club

Wednesday was a morning of construction, followed by eating a meal fixed by some nationals in Armenia, followed by an afternoon playing with the Honduran kids in the local river.  Kathy stayed home with Evan while John and the older three went to the river.  John taught his children well......
Daddy jumps first

Siah jumps...eventually...after some heavy praying!

Thursday is our family day off and it was also Josiah's 9th birthday.  We feel very blessed that we were able to spend a family day at the beach and give Josiah - in his words - "THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"  Siah was given the option of having dinner with the team or having a family dinner -- he chose dinner with the team!  
The team, however, continued with the construction as well as our weekly medical clinic - 50 people were seen and treated and prayed for this week!  One special case is an asthmatic 8 year old who was in desperate need of going to the hospital.  The team was able to treat with several hours of breathing treatments and some meds.....but he needs a specialist.  "I need to work a few days and then I will take him to the hospital" was his mother's words.  PLEASE pray that God would provide the funds for this boy to get help from a specialist.

Today the team ended their week by a few morning hours of construction, followed by giving out hundreds of flip flops (sorry I don't have a picture of this), then a trip to the souvenir shop (which is just three houses down from us), hanging out at our house for chips and salsa before heading back to the Pettengills to pack and eat dinner.  Now they are ending their last hours in Honduras by heading back to the indoor soccer rink for a little friendly competition!  

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