Friday, May 14, 2010

Urgent Need

WOW ~ What a week it has been.  We are pretty much in our home and functional.   I baked bread last night and cooked a fairly decent meal AND we sat at a table together and ate.  We all thought it was cool!

We had a team meeting this am at our house.  I am so thankful for Mike's (our team leader) thoughtfulness in calling me yesterday to ask if it would be better for me to have the meeting here so the kids could be in their own environment. I was able to participate in the entire meeting and the kids were AWESOME.  We feel truly blessed by both The Pettengills and the McCanns and thrilled to be serving in Honduras with them!

One thing that came up was the need for another vehicle.  The Pettengills have a truck and the McCanns have a 12 passenger van.  Our goal is to sell our van to purchase a vehicle here - but it has yet to sell.  PLEASE pray that God would raise up the $ for us to purchase a vehicle to transport our summer teams - please pray if God would have you contribute to our car fund.  If you feel led to do this please e-mail us.  THANKS!

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