Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Grun

She was 93.  Up until 2 months ago she lived by herself, drove, took care of others - she was amazing!  She entered my life when I was nine, but I never considered her my step-grandmother, nor was I her step-grandaughter - we were simply Grandmother and Granddaughter. I remember fondly spending spring break at her NC home with college friends, sitting listening to her tell stories of all the pranks and jokes she played throughout her life, and who could ever forget her lifting her shirt up in the middle of the mall to show all her granddaughters her bra!  Oh how she could make us all laugh!

She loved garlic and onion sandwiches, made an incredible key lime pie and loved to cook spaghetti for her family. She taught me to knit - and I had the privilege of watching her teach Abi and Bekah to knit as well.  I am blessed that God gave us time with her before we moved to Honduras.  A time that I will always cherish!

Enjoy living with Jesus, Grun! Sing His praises as  He looks at you face to face!


  1. I am sorry for your loss. It's never easy to loose a loved one even when we know we will see them again. I am so glad you have that hope.

    I am sure it must be even harder to have this happen so soon after your arrival in Honduras. You are dealing with so much change and this is another change for you and your family.

    I pray God will comfort you and all the others she has left behind. It sounds like she was a wonderful, fun lady!

  2. I am sure praying for you, sister. Thankful for her legacy of humor and love. She is rejoicing with her LORD.