Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's Begin!

Tomorrow starts the summer for us!  Click on the link below to read about what's happening the 27th-29th
Pastors Conference

On the 29th we welcome our first team of the summer!  We are very excited and ready to host teams.  Kathy is especially excited to be hosting meals in the home.  She'll also be teaching the Darkness to Light, child sexual abuse class on Sunday mornings after breakfast.  John is ready to get his hands dirty as the construction of homes for single moms starts on Monday!  The kids have all jumped in and helped out as well.  They helped (seriously!) team shop on Monday, yesterday the girls crushed crackers for casseroles and there will be lots more work headed their way, we're sure.

Serving as a family is the joy of our hearts - we are blessed beyond measure that God has asked us to live this life!

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