Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Good at Riding Hurricanes!

Just two weeks and two days after arriving in Honduras I found myself traveling back to GA.  I have to say I was at a loss traveling by myself - no kids & only carryon bags and not 22 pieces of luggage.  I left on Thursday at 4 in the morning and my two sisters picked me up in Atlanta around 8pm.  After dinner and picking up a van from my mom's we finally got back to my sisters house around 1 in the morning, in bed by 2.
I was up at 6am for two reasons: I had to get Oso to a USDA appt for travel papers and more importantly to surprise my niece who was just one day away from her wedding - she had no clue that I was coming.  I climbed in bed with the little sleeping beauty and whispered "happy day before your wedding!"  When she finally woke up enough to see it was me, she screamed and thanked me for coming.  Her excitement was more than worth the hours of traveling!
After spending the morning getting everything squared away for Oso and purchasing some items to take back to Honduras - my sister and I sat to the task of making the flowers for our niece's wedding.  We were up long hours and up early on Saturday to get everything finished - of which was done in the nick of time!  Even though we are not professionals the flowers turned out beautiful and my niece was happy -- which is all that mattered!
The wedding was over by 11pm.  After spending some time with my nephew at Taco Mac, we made a last minute Wal-Mart run and then back to my parents house to pack up and get Oso's crate ready.  My sweet nephew stayed up all night w/ me to make sure I had everything together.  We left at 4am (along w/ my mother) to take Oso and I to the airport.
Smooth sailing getting him checked into cargo.  Making sure he was on my flight heading to Houston and that he would then be kenneled for two days in Houston before flying on to Honduras - due to overcrowded plans and customs regulations he couldn't fly on Sunday or Monday into Honduras.
I left Atlanta at 6:55 and slept all the way to Houston.  I was in Houston for an hour before leaving for Honduras, arriving around 11am - of which I slept 90% of the flight.  It was precious music to my ears to hear my sweet kids scream "MOMMY!" as I walked out of customs.
Everything continued to be smooth sailing - we got to our hotel, prepared to do the team shopping the next day at a "Sam's wannabe" (PriceMart) and the kids got lots of swimming in.  We woke up early the next am to a phone call informing us that Oso had arrived on the same flight that we had and was waiting in customs at the Honduras airport.  By the time we got to him he had been in his crate for over 24 hours!  The wonderful thing never messed in his crate -- but he was ready to get out!  There had been some mix up in Houston ???  We still do not know what happened.  But we scrambled to get packed up, get Oso, get our shopping finished and head back to our home a day early!

All in all we have our dog, we are all home and we are ready to welcome teams on Saturday!  Life is good -- GOD IS BETTER!  Or as the song goes: "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!"

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