Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Few Pics of the Last Week of May

The kids were quite excited to be reunited with their beloved Oso. They had been separated for a month! Oso was SO glad to be out of his crate - and VERY glad to see HIS kids!
After picking up Oso from the airport we headed to Price Mart (Like a Sam's) to purchase items for summer teams.  

Decided we had room for a little more, so John went back in and bought 5 tables.  The kids rode this way for the 3 hour trip back to La Ceiba -- NO COMPLAINING! They are great kids!!!

John will turn 42 on June 16th - Happy Early Birthday Daddy! BE SAFE ON YOUR NEW BIKE!

We hosted breakfast this morning in our home for the first team of the summer.  After which Kathy facilitated a 3 hour course in prevention of child sexual abuse. 

Thanks for all your prayers!  The team starts bright and early tomorrow building a home for a single mom and her kids!


  1. Wow! The pic of the kids with the tables in the van is classic. Just classic.

    Nice bike John. Keep 'er on 2 wheels.

  2. Praising the LORD! We miss yall! BUT know without a doubt you are where you're supposed to be! :-) HUG EVERYONE!! Even OSO!!