Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 4 in Honduras

Whirlwind?  More like a hurricane I would say.  Let's play catch-up.  We arrived around 9:30 (11:30est) at night on Tuesday.  14 of 22 bags arrived with us -- and all four kids as well!  Wednesday at 9 am we were out the door to start house hunting.  We looked at 4 houses before 1, a few were 'doable'. Thursday we started again....looked at 4 more houses.  The second we looked at I LOVED...but price was just a little over our budget.  We made an offer and the realtor said he would contact the owner and ask.  Friday am got the call that our offer was accepted!  Luggage - 4 of the 8 missing pieces are now in our possession, the other four are still sitting in customs here in La Ceiba.  The four pieces had 'questionable' items (we have no clue what, because we got all the bags w/ John's diabetic supplies and his tools - we'll let you know when we find out *smile*) Went back on Friday afternoon to talk to the customs agent who was not there on Friday am when John and Mike picked up the other bags.  Of course, when they went back in the afternoon the agents were still not there.  Saturday am:  I am sitting typing this and in about an hour John will leave to go and get our other four bags, Lord willing.  The realtor is suppose to call sometime after 8 to have us come sign the contract and pick up the keys.  AND THEN....move in time -- LORD WILLING!

Now - it would be a stretch in the states to find a house, sign a contract and move in into the house in a four day period. In Latin America....let's just say miracle!  God has been so good to us - so much more than we deserve!  He knows our limits, knows what we can handle and what's going to throw us over the edge.  I praise Him that he knows me in and out and knows that I need to be in a house, get the kids in a routine, and be settled before the whirlwind starts again.

May 20th the first summer intern arrives (followed by others in days after).
May 27th we will host a three day pastors conference.
May 29th we will welcome our first of ten summer work teams

Thanks for your prayers as we transition to our new city/home!

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