Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I Am Thankful For......

post from World of Wonderful Words

Sunshine, cool mountain breezes and blue skies
southern hash-browns, turkey bacon and toast
four active kids dreaming of apple pies
my husband whom I love the most.

Fields of green grass
covered with tiny yellow flowers
not littered with tons of trash
lingering evidence of nourishing showers.

Of all of these
none compares
to The Creator of trees
and His Son whom He shares.

For His mercy and grace
for His wisdom from above
to Him I raise my hands in this place
and thank Him for eternal love.

I am content where I am
for this is where He desires
His little lamb
He guards from fires.

For what will you be thankful for today?
Food, shelter, clothing?
Family, friends, sunshine in May?
Hands of loved ones holding?

Today I am thankful for
to whom belongs all praise honor and glory for all things

Join me?

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