Monday, April 12, 2010

Prayer Request

Thanks for taking the time to read these updates/prayer request and lift us up before the Father!  We do greatly appreciate your faithfulness in supporting, praying and encouraging us.

  • Just got back from the Dr.  (2nd opinion): Si, Abi and Bek all need to see a surgeon.  First two for the removal of abnormal moles. Bek for the removal of a nasty ingrown toenail.  They're not risky procedures and we're not worried.....neither are the kids.  But, it's just the 'having to do them', time involved, $, etc...  The Dr is calling the surgeon to see how quickly we can get in.
  • John finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection - he is much better -- PRAISE!  Kathy and Bek are now on antibiotic due to the lovely spring pollen causing infections.
  • PRAISE -- Kathy's grandmother is doing well that she will probably be coming to live with Kathy's parents on the 22nd of April.  John and Kathy's dad are working hard to get the room ready to welcome her.  The bathroom and the floor are the two main concerns.  Also - some furniture has been ordered -- please pray that it comes in on time!  Pray for logistics and wisdom as we are not sure where we will go/live when Kathy's grandmother does come home....we are currently staying in her room.  
  • I am sure you all tired of hearing us ask for prayer for the remaining support to come in -- but none-the-less......please pray that our remaining balance would come in QUICKLY!

Would you kindly do us the favor of e-mailing us YOUR prayer request?  We would love the joy and the opportunity to pray specifically for YOU.  Just send them to

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