Saturday, April 24, 2010

Countdown Starts Now

That is how many days we have until we leave for our new home!  I can't begin to write all the emotions that we are going through.  Joy is definitely outshining, but mingled throughout are many others.
Many of you know the situation that we have been going through with my grandmother.  A month ago she had a stroke and a heart attack. A week after that happened she was moved to a rehab near my parents.  On Thursday at noon we brought my grandmother home to live with my parents.  At 11pm that night we had to call 911 as my grandmother was having extreme pain.  Turns out that she has either/or (tests still are not conclusive) blood clots in both lungs and pneumonia - she is being treated for both.
We have been super busy getting my grandmother's room ready for her (my hubby is so talented and has enjoyed having tools in his hands instead of a phone or a computer).  I enjoyed spending the time with my mother and daughters shopping and decorating the room.  Oh yeah...we have also been packing........
Tonight John and I will take the kids to my sisters for one last cousin sleep over.  We will head for NC - we will be visiting with two churches in the Asheville area.  On Sunday night we will drive back to GA, pick up the kids, and head back to my parents.   Monday is my Dad's birthday.  We feel blessed that we will get to spend this day with him -- if I am remembering correctly this will be the first birthday since 1998 that we have been here for his birthday!
Tuesday EARLY am we will hit the road for TX and spend a week with John's family before flying out on May 4th.

Thanks again for walking this journey with us.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Here is a great video from our teammates.  In just 10 days we get the privilege of joining our team and participating in ministry such as this.

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