Sunday, April 25, 2010

Countdown 9

John and I are spending a lazy afternoon at my grandmother's home in North Carolina.  We worshiped with Arden Presbyterian this am and will be heading over to Asheville tonight to speak with a PCA church about Honduras.  Then heading back to GA as soon as the service is over.  Tomorrow is a busy busy day of packing, saying goodbye, Dr appt for Bekah (to check out her post toe procedure), celebrating my dad's 69 birthday....and who knows what else we will 'pack' into our day *LOL*

I received the following last night from my dear college friend who has been battling cancer.  PLEASE keep Katie and her family in your prayers. THANKS!

Hey everyone,
I wanted to send out a quick update and an additional prayer request for Katie.
Our last scans revealed what appears to be areas in Katie's spine that are healing from where the chemo has killed cancer.  Of course we were surprised by this but our doctors explained that the type of cancer Katie has does not show up on scans.
So it's really hard to know what is there until after the fact when the areas that are diseased begin to heal.
So on one hand this is a good sign and a praise because the chemo is working.  But on the other hand it leaves us with the question of exactly what else is going on that we may not be able to see.
So we are asking for additional prayers that the cancer is killed in her bones and that it not spread any further.  Because of the difficulty in "seeing" this cancer on the scans, we have to realize that it will be difficult moving forward to know 100% what is going on.  So we will rely on the evidence we have with how the cancer is reacting in her liver.  And based on that we are doing very well.
We also ask that the Lord would give us grace and faith to deal with the uncertainty of all of this.  None of us knows what tomorrow brings so we must continue to trust in the Lord to make our path straight and clear.
Our hope is in Him and we know that He walks with us on this journey.
Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.

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