Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waiting in the Cold

This past weekend we were guests at a mission conference in Knoxville, TN. We enjoyed time with members of the church as well as with other missionaries. It's always fun for me to see our kids bond with other missionary kids. There is no doubting the immediate connection - they understand each other - feel welcomed by each other - feel the belonging that is not always a part of their world.
We left the boys at home and just took the girls. They need a little extra time and 'spoiling' from mom and dad. Abigail mostly is taking this move the hardest. It's the unknown, this transition time, that is getting to her. We are ALL ready to be in our own home and in a routine that is consistent. Yet, God in his mercy and grace obviously has other plans.
It continues to be one day a time for us, with no known dates or certainties in site. But, isn't that really the way it should be? Doing today what God has given us to do; not worrying about tomorrow because today has enough troubles of it's own. There is some reason that we are still in the states - so we continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will be help us to be content with today!
It's cold here today - snowy and wet. This is suppose to be the south right? In all my growing up years I have never seen GA have this kind of weather. It's just a confirmation that my blood was meant to live in Latin America! :D
Our conference this weekend went well; our mission meeting last night with a local church was also promising. Both churches appear to have a great interest in supporting us, but we won't know until the end of the month - if or how much they will be supporting us.
We had two one-time gifts of 4,800 and 5,000 this past week. Because we have met our one-time gifts we are able to take those amounts and divide over 48 months. So, those account for around 200 a month! We now are hovering at 900 a month in individual gifts. Wouldn't it be cool if God would drop about $50,000 in one time gifts in our lap ( : He did it before -- the first time we support raised we left a mission conference with around 100,000 in a one time pledge. God can do anything -- so we wait for him!
Thanks for your continued prayers as we wait anxiously upon the LORD for his timing in getting us to Honduras.

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  1. Hi Clows! Look up Dave & Bernie Krueger at MTW. That would be my Dad & Mom. I have been praying that the money would begin to pour in, a sort of personal economic stimulus package!

    Craig Krueger