Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something to Think About

There are 285 members who have subscribed to our facebook group.  Some of you currently support us either monthly or through occasional one time gifts.  We were thinking through possible ways for God to get us on to Honduras.  Don’t we do that all the time...try to help God out.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He will provide for us when and how He deems best.  (The other day our father said that we need to be praying for God to sell a few of those cattle to get us on down the road.)  

Anyhow...right now our job is to inform....inform of what we are doing and what our need is.  We need $550 per month of monthly support to get us to Honduras.  We would rather have this in the form of monthly amounts from individuals and churches.  There are several reasons for this method, one being that each month when a check is written and mailed or the monthly bank statement is reviewed and the EFT shows up for our support...we are on the minds of our supporters so that you can pray for us and our ministry.  Another way of support is through a one-time gift which is put towards reducing our monthly need by taking our support account balance and dividing it by the number of months for our next term. 

 We want to throw out some figures just to get some ideas flowing.
110 people at $5/mo; 55 people at $10/mo; 22 people at $25/mo; 11 people at $50/mo---you get the idea.  All equal our need of $550/mo to get us to where God has called us to serve.
264 people giving a $100 one-time gift would get us there too.

As you get your tax returns, as God provides some extra out-of-the-blue money that was unexpected, if you decide to give up a cup of coffee or a coke a few time a month...consider our ministry in La Ceiba, Honduras.  In the top right hand corner of this blog is an electronic copy of our prayer card.  If you want we can send you one in the mail...let us know.

In His Grace,

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