Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We got up New Years Day and headed north, again. God is so good to us!!! I had been trying to figure out what I was going to do for to make it easy, fun, educational...yet, stress, fighting, arguing free. Yeah, I know I have a big problem with unrealistic expectations..hehe! As I was surfing the web I came across an online program where the kids can login to their own account and do language, math, social studies and science lessons. I can login on my parent/admin site and track their lessons as well as see detailed lesson plans for each activity...ok, ok...I'm boring you with the details.....
I mentioned to John how nice it would be if each child had their own computer notebook so that I could set up a little Clow Computer Lab and everyone could work at the same time instead of having to rotate them the through mine. God always has...he supplied! The couple we stayed with last weekend when we where at Scherer Memorial bought the kids their own notebook AND bought John and I a printer/copier. Thank You Lord for your faithful provisions!

The kiddos where SO excited when we they received them. Josiah was QUICK to teach everyone how to use them...the little stinker is so smart. Within minutes they were taking pictures of themselves, posting them into the paint program and writing and drawing on their pictures. Evan wrote, "I love you, Mom" on his newly bald head. Abigail is already through chapter one on a book that she is writing and hopes to get published so that she can make money and become famous. Bekah played on hers some, but she was too busy playing with my grandmother's little poodle, Susie.

After we picked up the gracious gifts from the Kolbs we headed to Hendersonville, NC to spend a day with my 93 year old grandmother. We arrived at 7:30 at night. As we drove in we noticed snow patches on the ground. The kids were ecstatic! They played in it for a few minutes last night. When they woke up this am it was all they could do to get back out...until they went out and discovered that it was 17 degrees. You must remember that my children have grown up in Latin America....50 is cold to them. As the day wore on they came and went...LOVING every minute of this new thing called snow.
('s really ice, but we won't tell them!)

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