Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi all! Some great praises: WE HAVE THE BULK OF OUR ONE TIME!!! To the point that as soon as our monthly pledges are in we can LEAVE!!!

John had a great and safe time in Guanajuato, MX and was able to be of great assistance to our missionary friend there.

Kathy and the children have been busy home schooling....pretty much it's going well!

We will be in Lawrenceville, GA until the 3rd of Feb.
Traveling in FL the 4th - 9th
Back to Lawrenceville until the 20th (or there about)
Traveling to NC and TN the end of FEB.

We are attending a mission conference the last week of FEB. We are SO HOPING AND PRAYING to be at 100% so that we can leave for Honduras right after the conference. Summer work teams are already booked full. We would like to have a couple of months to find a house and get settled before we enter the "busy season".

PLEASE PRAY that we can increase those pledges soon -- or that GOD will increase and complete our support!

If we had 50 people to pledge just $20 a month we would be in HONDURAS! If you are not a current financial supporter - would you please pray about joining our team in that way? Evan at $5 or $10 a month -- GOD can use any amount!!!

PLEASE PRAY for Erin, our team leaders wife. She is, as I write, traveling to Haiti where she will be serving with the MTW disaster relief team. She is a nurse and will be serving the people of Haiti for the next three weeks. You can access her blog here if you would like to stay updated on what she's doing.

Thank you for your prayers!

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