Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emily Dickinson

Sunday night John and I had a 'date' at Barnes and Noble while the children were sleeping (or so we thought - they ended up being awake when we got back) w/ Grama on watch duty.
Today I read a short bio on Emily to the kids:

"Why did she write? We may never know for certain. But we do know this; Emily Dickinson chose to spend day after day in the same house, doing the same things-- ordinary, seemingly unimportant things -- for she seemed to know that there are wonderful possibilities in the most ordinary life if we just take notice."

Today I choose to take notice of my kids as we read together, learn math, cook, play - the list goes on. Today I choose to know the truth that God has me right here, right now - for this day He has planned wonderful possibilities for me to take notice of.

As we plan to head to Honduras, I am reminded that living my 'ordinary' life of taking care of my family and home amongst the Hondurans, whom we are quickly growing to love, has wonderful possibilities. I don't need to 'do all' or 'be all' in order for God to use our family as great missionaries. I live my life for Him, teaching my children to live for Him, loving my husband; in that, praying God will use my 'ordinary housewife life' to be an example for others to take notice of.

I love the quote by Francis of Assisi: Go and preach the gospel, if necessary use words.

I plan to preach the gospel by noticing the wonderful possibilities in my ordinary life that God can use to show others His love and grace! Not forgetting that I also preach the gospel/minister to my family by the ordinary, seemingly unimportant things that a housewife/home schooling mom must do everyday.

OUCH! What a great responsibility!


  1. Thank you for encouraging me today with this post. I am excited to do the ordinary things with you.

  2. Well put, Sister...once again, I am encouraged and challenged through ya! So glad that you and John were able to sneak off to B & N! Yay!